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Giulio Genovese is an example of innovation in contemporary music. While his ambit lies within the european tradition he is at ease in absorbing the teachings of American film music. His works range from chamber music to the symphonic and vocal, and are a perfect setting for the influence that the music of American cinema - and of French d'auteur films even more so - have had in forming his own idiom which emerges as a new expressive language. This contributes to reviving the contemporary European musical tradition and to stimulate real interest in the listener while keeping alive the expression and significance of the message the music conveys. Genovese, therefore, does not strive towards the main objective of a composer to arouse new emotions in listening by means of experimental music but instead by using traditional language and orchestras.



Giulio Genovese is a composer, conductor and violinist, born in Turin in 1967, has made his musical studies at the "Giuseppe Verdi" Conservatory of his city. Complete the study of Composition and Orchestral Conducting with the composer Antonio Brainovich and later graduated in Humanities at the International University of La Rioja (Spain). He worked as a violinist with several orchestras such as the RAI Symphony Orchestra of Turin and the Symphony Orchestra of the Arena di Verona while continuing his work as a composer of works from symphonic to chamber and vocal music. He has also taught at the "Pablo Sarasate" Conservatory of Pamplona (Spain) and in past years he has worked with the Castilla y León Symphony Orchestra in Spain on the recovery of hitherto unpublished scores by early twentieth century Spanish composers. Among his orchestral works are mentioned "Carla" (which was premiered in the National Auditorium in Madrid), "Presages" and "Nocturne". He also wrote the chamber works "La Principessa" and "San Giorgio e il Drago" string quartets, "Verlaine Lieder", "Promise" Piano Trio and the Opera "Un puente para el Camino", work sponsored by the Government of Navarre.



Music compositions


Cerrado hasta el lunes - Short Film (winner of Kino Award 2011)
Thai (Spot)
Orient (Documentary)


Un puente para el Camino
(Opera in one act)
Adapting to operatic format from the novel
"Un puente para el Camino" of Javier Díaz Húder

Symphonic Music

Carla (Ouverture)
Presages (orchestral version)
Suite Cubica

Chamber Music

La Principessa (String Quartet)
San Giorgio e il Drago (String Quartet)
Amitié amoureuse (pour petit orchestre)
Presages (for chamber orchestra)
Arizona (Clarinet Sonata)
Elegie (Clarinet and Piano)
Preludio (Piano)
Valentina (Piano)
Madrigale (Brass Quintet)
Sonatina (Piano)
5 Ancient dances (for chamber orchestra)
Promise (Piano Trio)
Visions (for solo 4 wind instruments) (2015)
Flemington Trio (Woodwind Trio) (2015)

Vocal Music

Verlaine lieder (Soprano and Piano)
Sirènes (Female Choir and Harp)
Salve Regina (Soprano and Orchestra)
Missa brevis (Mixted Choir)


Club Band



Audio CD - contents:
La Principessa (String Quartet)
Amitié Amoureuse (pour petit orchestre)
San Giorgio e il Drago (String Quartet)
Presages (for chamber orchestra)
Performed by:
Quartetto Filarmonico and Filarmonico Ensemble
Ed. Rem


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